How We Are Different

We strive to ensure that our work is in the best interest of our clients, not just our own. There's always opportunities to generate new business, but not a new reputation. We'd like to think this sets us apart, and has led to us being referred to as the anti-consultant consultants.

Building capability not dependency

We love it when we see our clients thrive and grow, knowing our work has had a positive impact. This includes helping to share our knowledge and skills through workshops and mentoring, as well as widely disseminating any insights to maximise the impact of our work. We are here to help your organisation to continue to grow long after our job is done.

What you see is what you get

Ever been briefed by a team of all stars, only to sign on the dotted line and have a completely different group of people turn up to your office? Maybe staff were swapped out of the team one-by-one, with the hope you would simply never notice. With us, the consultants that you are introduced to are the ones that will be assigned to your project long term. If there are any adjustments in terms of staffing, you will be fully briefed every step of the way, and be allowed to determine how you wish to proceed.

Honest and Transparent

Working with humility and being respectful to everyone we interact with are endeavours we aspire to and take seriously. We aim to listen deeply to our clients, striving to understand the bigger picture beyond the piece of work at hand. We are honest and up-front with our capabilities are expertise, allowing us to act with confidence in the work we undertake.