Our People

We have a small group of core staff, who have the depth of understanding and expertise to oversee and manage all of our projects. Drawing upon our large network of industry experts, we assemble specialised teams for each project. This ensures that we can consistently supply some of the best people tailored to the needs of our clients.

Anthony Winning

Principal Consultant

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Bachelor of Science (Computing)   

Bachelor of Science (Psychology - Hons I)   

Master of Research (Psychology)   

Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) *

* Submitted for marking  

Anthony draws upon deep industry experience, having worked on a range of large scale projects across the Federal Government, and for enterprises in the retail and financial sectors. During this time he has distinguished himself as being self-driven and pro-active, enabling him to develop a thorough understanding of the development and employment of complex digital systems within organisations. This has encompassed everything from project planning, determining the needs of customers and stakeholders, analysing data, producing artefacts such as service blueprints, as well as disseminating findings to executives. Throughout his career Anthony has been driven by a passion for illuminating the desires and needs of consumers, and advocating on their behalf in the organisations in which he has been engaged. Furthermore, he brings a unique breadth of knowledge and practical skills in the fields of technology, psychology, research and analysis. This has been developed through years of study and industry experience, including completing degrees in computing science and psychology, fostering insight into digital systems, human cognition, experimental methodology and statistics. This has placed him to be well equipped in the tools and techniques needed to provide insight and clarity to complex problems. His work has always been underpinned by a desire to take a collaborative approach with stakeholders, while seeking to establish a strong business case for any recommendations, with the intention of maximising the impact of his work. The opportunity to work on challenging, novel problems, and taking charge of the process from beginning to end, is something that he naturally enjoys.